What do we offer?

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Speed Lab Groups

Join a Speed Lab group, or create your own private group of 2-5 athletes.  Sessions last 60-75 minutes and cover all aspects of speed training, with a strong emphasis on linear speed, form/technique, explosiveness, power, strength, endurance, quickness and more.  Athletes are encouraged to attend one to three Speed Lab Groups per week (depending on current work load) to achieve optimal results and to prevent over-training and injury.  Athletes are placed in groups based on skill level, sport and in some cases, age.  An Assessment Session is required for all new athletes.  Click here to schedule an Assessment.


Speed Lab Group 10 Pack $250

Speed Lab Group 2x/week 1 Month $200 (8 sessions)

Speed Lab Group 1x/week 1 Month $140 (4 sessions)

Speed Lab Group Single Session $35 

Private Speed Lab Groups:

(Please call (661) 220-8437 to book private groups)

2 Athletes $45/Athlete

3 Athletes $40/Athlete

4 Athletes $35/Athlete

5 Athletes $30/Athlete

Private Training ​

We offer both 30 minute and 60 minute, one-on-one training sessions, with the recommendation that athletes train one to three times per week (depending on their work load) to get the full benefit of the program.  Trainers will make recommendations based on whether the athlete is in-season or off-season, and what other forms of training they are doing outside of SCSP.  Private training begins with an initial assessment ($60 for 1 athlete), after which a custom program is created for the athlete.  Each athlete's progress is tracked throughout the training process to assure that optimal results are being achieved.  


An Assessment Session is required for all new athletes.  Click here to schedule an Assessment before purchasing a package!


PACKAGES: (click below to purchase)

30 Minute Sessions 10 Pack $35/session ($350)

30 Minute Sessions 5 Pack $40/session ($200)

30 Minute Single Sessions $45/session 

60 Minute Sessions 10 Pack $75/session ($750)

60 Minute Sessions 5 Pack $80/session ($400)

60 Minute Single Session $90/session

Team Training​

Our Team Training Program is a great way to improve the overall performance of your entire team.  Our team of elite trainers will work with your team to pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses in order to create a custom program, geared towards development in the areas of speed, strength, agility, movement skills and explosiveness, or any need we see. This program allows for a fun and interactive environment which helps to bring about great results for any team in any sport. Current sports represented in our Team Training program include soccer, baseball, softball, football, hockey, lacrosse and basketball.  Teams that train and develop together have a better flow and connection that can enhance their performance in the field of play.  Join SCSP and let us help take your team to the next level!  

Click here to request information, or call (661) 220-8437 to schedule your team!  Not available for purchase online.

Speed Agility Training (quickness, neural training, footwork)

6-9 Athletes $20/Athlete

10+ Athletes $15/Athlete

Speed Lab Training (linear speed, explosiveness, power)

6-9 Athletes $25/Athlete

10+ Athletes $20/Athlete

Youth Speed Agility Classes​

We offer Speed & Agility Classes for youth ages 7-18.  Sessions are 60 minutes long and include footwork, movement skills, quickness, neural training, coordination, balance, and more.  

Our Lil Rookie groups are for ages 7-9, and focus more on the fundamentals of sports performance training.  We aim to help our young athletes build great habits and learn proper form and technique at the youngest age possible! These skills will be carried on into any and all competitive sports and will help give them the advantage.

Monday - Thursday @ 4PM

Our Rookie groups are for ages 10-12 and are more in depth in fundamental movements, strength and conditioning programming and speed & agility.  Athletes work out in a sport specific manner to help them develop skills specific to their sport.

Monday - Thursday @ 5PM

Our All Pro groups are for ages 13+, and offer our most advanced program for high school athletes.  These classes cover all of the above at a higher tempo and intensity.  This is a great program for off-season training and in-season maintenance.  

Monday - Thursday @ 6PM

Click here to request information!

Drop Ins $25

10 Pack $200

Monthly (3 Month Contract)

1x a Week $20/class ($80/Month)

2x a Week $18/class ($144/Month)

3x a Week $15/class ($180/Month)

120 FiT Adult Training Program​​

The goal of the 120 FiT Adult Training Program is to help you get in and STAY IN the best shape of your life!  We've implemented a functional training program, which we believe is the safest and most effective way to shed those unwanted pounds, while developing a more toned physique, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle!  Our program is designed and led by professional athletes and expert trainers.  Classes include: Full-Body Strength, Core & Conditioning, Glutes & Legs, High Intensity Training, and Flexibility & Recovery.  Smaller classes give you more 1-on-1 attention.  There is no contract necessary as drop-in classes and Month to Month Memberships are available!  Train like an athlete and let us help you get results that will last! We also offer small group training and private sessions (30 & 60 minutes) for adults.

Click here to schedule a private Assessment or a Free Trial Class!

120 FiT Membership (Billed month to month unless cancelled)

5 Days a Week $100/Month

3 Days a Week $80/Month

Drop Ins $15

Speed Lab & Speed Agility COMBO

A combination of Speed Lab and Speed Agility work is extremely beneficial for athletes desiring to improve speed and overall performance.  In the Speed Lab, athletes will work on their linear speed, power, explosiveness, etc.  In the Speed & Agility classes, athletes will work on neural training (training the nervous system), quickness, footwork, movement skills, etc.  At SCSP, we have found that this combination of training has yielded the greatest increase in speed and overall performance.  We highly recommend athletes incorporate both programs into their training regimen!

Click here to schedule an Assessment for the Speed Lab or a Free Trial Speed & Agility Class!

COMBO 10 PACK $225 - Comes with 5 Speed Lab sessions and 5 Speed & Agility Classes.

Please see the Speed Lab & Speed Agility sections above for additional pricing options.

Mobility & Recovery Training

Not only is lack of mobility (flexibility) a leading cause of sports related injuries for athletes, but it also can greatly inhibit an athlete's progress during the course of training.  At SCSP, we highly recommend all athletes incorporate Mobility and Recovery work into their daily routines, to see optimal results.  We offer weekly Mobility & Recovery classes, as well as mini sessions throughout the week.  Classes are open to ALL (not limited to athletes). Highly recommended for athletes, but great for the whole family!


Click here to request more information!

Mobility & Recovery Mini Session Drop In $10 - 30 min session

Mobility & Recovery Class Drop In $20 - 60-75 min class

Mobility & Recovery Class 10 Pack $150 ($15/class)

Private Mobility Sessions available!  Please see private training section above.

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