What do we offer?

Private Training ​

We offer both 30 minute and 60 minute, one-on-one training sessions, with the recommendation that serious athletes train two to three times per week, in order to achieve optimal results while avoiding over-training at all costs!  Over-training is one of the lead causes of injury in athletes, and to avoid this, we also incorporate proper recovery into our training program.  We offer stretch and recovery classes for our athletes at a reduced cost.  Private training begins with an initial assessment, after which a custom program is created for each athlete.  Each athlete's progress is tracked throughout the training process to assure that results are being produced.  Click here to schedule an Assessment.

Semi-Private Training​​

Let us place you in an open Semi-Private group of 3-8 athletes, or create your own private group of 2-5 athletes.  Sessions last 60 minutes and cover all aspects of athletic training, with a strong emphasis on Speed, Agility, Explosiveness, Strength and Coordination.  Groups are encouraged to meet two to three times per week, to achieve optimal results and prevent over-training and injury.  Athletes are placed in groups based on skill level, sport and age.  Semi-Private Groups are highly competitive and guaranteed to produce rapid results. Click here to schedule an Assessment.

Team Training

Our Team Training Program is a great way to improve the overall performance of your team.  Our team of elite trainers will work with your team to pinpoint both strengths and weaknesses in order to create a custom program, geared towards development in the areas of speed, strength, agility, movement skills and explosiveness.  This program allows for a fun and competitive environment which helps to bring about great results for any team in any sport.  Current sports represented in our Team Training program include soccer, baseball, softball, football, and hockey.  Our unique training program has helped all of our teams achieve tremendous results and much success.  Join SCSP and let us help take your team to the next level!  

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Youth Classes

We offer Speed & Agility classes for youth ages 6-17.  Classes are 60 minutes long and include footwork, movement skills, speed work, strength & conditioning, coordination, balance, and more.  

Our Lil' Elites Class is for ages 6-9, and focuses more on the fundamentals of athleticism.  We aim to help our young athletes build great habits and learn proper form and technique at the youngest age possible! These skills will be carried on into any and all competitive sports and will help give them the advantage.

Our Level 2 Class is for ages 10-13 and is more in depth in fundamental movements, strength and conditioning programming and speed & agility.  Athletes work out in a sport specific manner to help them develop skills specific to their sport.

Our Level 3 Class is for ages 14+, and is our most advanced class program for high school athletes.  These classes cover all of the above at a high tempo and and intensity standard.  This is a great program for off-season training and in-season maintenance.  

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120 FiT Adult Training Program

The goal of the 120 FiT Adult Training Program is to help you get in the best shape of your life!  We've implemented a functional training program, which we believe is the safest and most effective way to shed those unwanted pounds, while developing a more toned physique, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle!  Our program is designed and led by professional athletes and expert trainers.  Classes include: Full-Body Strength, Core & Conditioning, Glutes & Legs, High Intensity Training, and Flexibility & Recovery.  Smaller classes give you more 1-on-1 attention.  There is no contract necessary as drop-in classes are available!  Train like an athlete and let us help you get results that will blow your mind, and help you be the BEST you can be!

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